Staying Put

When I started this blog, friends chuckled a bit at the name. My husband had just had a HUGE career change, we upped and moved back to the area we both grew up in, and then we moved to the desert, and followed that up a year later with a move to the frozen tundra. We felt were in all essence of the word “gypsies”. That was last year…well almost a year ago.

Fast forward until now. ┬áNow, now we are REALLY a gypsy family. People have asked my children where they are from and they suddenly get the deer in the headlight look and have no clue how to answer. After my husband spent almost eight months unemployed and we traveled to more than 20 different states my children, and quite frankly, myself, have no clue how to answer that simple question of, “Where are you actually from?”

I will tell you this though: my children have had quite the adventure these last almost three years. I do not know many three year olds who have visited 30-ish states and remained/lived in seven of them for any amount of time. There’s a popular commercial right now where the kids are trying to convince the parents that if they just traveled more together the kids would do exponentially better in school and life in general. My children see this commercial and about cry, pleading that we just stay put.

So, for now, for however long this season is supposed to last for us, that’s exactly what we plan on doing: just staying put.