As the end of May quickly approaches many families are relishing in the fact that summer is almost upon them and the school year is almost over. They start looking forward to time off, sleeping in, and days and weeks of nothing dealing with academics planned. We are not one of those families.

In fact, this year we are the polar opposites. This year we will be starting our new school year on Tuesday, yes, this Tuesday. No, I am not crazy entirely crazy, but with traveling the country for 8 of the last 11 months our children, although unbeknownst to them, are begging for routine and stability. We tried to get as much “academics” in while traveling and our kids were able to experience places that most other people only get to ever dream about but for harmony ,┬ámy sanity err rather the sake of our family we will restart our routine this week.

What are your plans? Are you schooling through the summer or are you anxiously awaiting your relaxing (or not so relaxing) summer break?