Bones is obsessed with learning about war. He loves it. I’m not sure if that’s normal for a seven year old but he just loves the history behind it. He loves the machinery used and watching the progression of the machinery upgrades. He loves studying how and why countries switched sides and he is LOVING our newest study of World War I. Seriously, he counted down the days until we were on it and now he begs for us to do like a weeks work of material per day. He’s just a bit crazy passionate.

Now, Bones is a bit quirky anyways so this passion doesn’t really shock me. No, what shocks me is that before teaching them their lesson I had NO early idea why WWI was started. None. However, Bones and his brothers know so much more than I did at their ages. They are learning things in elementary that I was taught in high school and they are absorbing that material far better than either Radar or myself ever did…and we weren’t the class dunce by any means.

I live that homeschooling allows me to teach them at their levels and when they are ready despite what may be the normal time to introduce topics.

A new love has enticed my boys…all of them…from my husband to the two year old…they are all suddenly smitten.


Okay, well that’s not entirely true. Pilot has been in love with skateboarding for years. However, the others were only vaguely interested because it sounded cool. Now, now that are all doing it…including my husband who it’s trying to learn!


(Pilot was gifted this board by his uncle…and has risen it hard for the last two years. It finally started to bit the dust.)

Since we don’t do a technical PE and we spend 12+ hours a week here I totally count this as our PE time…don’t judge, they are in fact using more muscles and energy than I can count, they’re running and exercising and they’re getting tons of fresh air! Sounds like a great PE class to me…even if most of their gym-mates are 2-3 times their ages!

What ways do you get PE in for your kids?

We went out to eat tonight after looking at a house (we are still house hunting). When we sat down (only four kids were with me at the time), I surveyed the people around us. I noticed them looking at the kids with that look of disdain and sheer terror that the boys were going to be loud and obnoxious the entire meal. I sighed. The boys were tired and super hungry. I knew the meal could go one of two ways and feared it would be the bad one. Radar joined me with the other three boys and I saw the looks of terror escalate rapidly. Several were on the brink of massive heart attacks!

Thankfully, we ordered and there was no issue during dinner. I noticed several people staring at us and then quickly whispering amongst themselves. One lady, who was being grinned at by Squirt, told us she was so impressed with the kids. I smiled, glad we had escaped an episode…this time. Then, to my surprise, two more ladies, who barely escaped heart attacks themselves, approached me and told me how wonderful it was too see a large family with such well behaved kids. Thanking them, I chuckled! Next time we might not be so lucky…I mean, it IS hard being little afterall!


I have no great lesson or even words of wisdom in this post. However while reading my Bible recently, this verse really struck home for me.

Jeremiah 29v11-13 ” For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. 12‘Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13‘You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”

What really stood out for me was verse 13 where He says,  “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with ALL your heart.”

I don’t know about you, but I know more times than I’d like to admit I am not seeking him with all my heart. I’m not even seeking him with half my heart. I’m seeking him with whatever I have left after being mom, wife, teacher, chef…you name it…He gets what’s left. And though the Bible says he mends our brokenness (Psalm 147v3), I don’t think he wants us to always and only seek him half heartedly and in our brokenness. My husband doesn’t want to only be greeted by tired, worn out, stressed out, nagging wife…He wants me to greet im with enthusiasm and happiness and I feel God’s the same way. He will take us in our broken state…but He wants us to seek Him wholeheartedly as well. He doesn’t want to be an afterthought,  He wants to be our first thought.

I know in my life, when I want something our need something it sometimes because more of a gimme gimme gimme situation…and I stop seeking the will of God. I stop considering His plan for my life and it becomes more about me…when really it needs to become more about Him and less about me.

So, maybe I’m reading this all wrong (feel free to correct me it’s you think I’m wrong) but this is the conviction I got while reading this passage.