We went out to eat tonight after looking at a house (we are still house hunting). When we sat down (only four kids were with me at the time), I surveyed the people around us. I noticed them looking at the kids with that look of disdain and sheer terror that the boys were going to be loud and obnoxious the entire meal. I sighed. The boys were tired and super hungry. I knew the meal could go one of two ways and feared it would be the bad one. Radar joined me with the other three boys and I saw the looks of terror escalate rapidly. Several were on the brink of massive heart attacks!

Thankfully, we ordered and there was no issue during dinner. I noticed several people staring at us and then quickly whispering amongst themselves. One lady, who was being grinned at by Squirt, told us she was so impressed with the kids. I smiled, glad we had escaped an episode…this time. Then, to my surprise, two more ladies, who barely escaped heart attacks themselves, approached me and told me how wonderful it was too see a large family with such well behaved kids. Thanking them, I chuckled! Next time we might not be so lucky…I mean, it IS hard being little afterall!

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