A new love has enticed my boys…all of them…from my husband to the two year old…they are all suddenly smitten.


Okay, well that’s not entirely true. Pilot has been in love with skateboarding for years. However, the others were only vaguely interested because it sounded cool. Now, now that are all doing it…including my husband who it’s trying to learn!


(Pilot was gifted this board by his uncle…and has risen it hard for the last two years. It finally started to bit the dust.)

Since we don’t do a technical PE and we spend 12+ hours a week here I totally count this as our PE time…don’t judge, they are in fact using more muscles and energy than I can count, they’re running and exercising and they’re getting tons of fresh air! Sounds like a great PE class to me…even if most of their gym-mates are 2-3 times their ages!

What ways do you get PE in for your kids?

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