Bones is obsessed with learning about war. He loves it. I’m not sure if that’s normal for a seven year old but he just loves the history behind it. He loves the machinery used and watching the progression of the machinery upgrades. He loves studying how and why countries switched sides and he is LOVING our newest study of World War I. Seriously, he counted down the days until we were on it and now he begs for us to do like a weeks work of material per day. He’s just a bit crazy passionate.

Now, Bones is a bit quirky anyways so this passion doesn’t really shock me. No, what shocks me is that before teaching them their lesson I had NO early idea why WWI was started. None. However, Bones and his brothers know so much more than I did at their ages. They are learning things in elementary that I was taught in high school and they are absorbing that material far better than either Radar or myself ever did…and we weren’t the class dunce by any means.

I live that homeschooling allows me to teach them at their levels and when they are ready despite what may be the normal time to introduce topics.

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