Perks of Homeschool

When my husband and I started to homeschool our oldest we simply wanted a place for our son to learn without all the rules that apply. He was 3 so he was too young for one school, too advanced for another, and by the time we were called back for the third preschool he was too old for their program! We were at our whit’s end with the local preschools and thus we turned to homeschool. We literally have found hundreds of perks of homeschooling. Here are a few of ours:

1.) Schedule: We currently live in a Frozen Prairie, no joke, when we moved here a month or so ago it was below freezing and after coming from The Desert we were dying really, REALLY cold. That being said, it is starting to finally feel a bit spring-like and the Frozen Prairie is rapidly becoming the Allergy-Warzone Prairie and the days have been gorgeous. My sons and I have quickly thrown our books to the wind and spent most of our days outside… and I love that we are able to do so! (I must say I am not known for being schedulized, embrace chaotic schedules not a big fan of things even remotely resembling a schedule so not sticking to a set one suites me just fine!)

2.) Dress Code: I LOVE our dress code or rather our lack of dress code! My sons normally do their lessons in pajamas or in shorts…shirts are highly option on our house of boys.

3.) Early mornings are non-existent! In the morning there is no crazy running all over the house need to freak out over lost backpacks, lost homework, lunches not made and so forth and so on. We get up, make breakfast, eat, read our table lessons that are all done together, clean up breakfast and ease into our morning lessons. No children freaking out at 6 a.m. … unless one of them shot the other with a Nerf bow and arrow to wake them up but that is an entirely different post.

4.) Curriculum: We get to pick what our children learn and when. We have one child who is extremely mature and one who, though only a year younger, is not able to handle the same material and that is fine. At the beginning of the year I get to handpick what my children do and do not study based upon their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

5.) Arts and music are still a very vital part of our lessons. We spend a lot of time going over art and music throughout our day and the thought of children being deprived of that makes me sad. We not all study art and music but we get to do lots of art projects and experience different styles of music.

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