Plot Twist

It is funny how we think we have things all figured out…and then we realize we don’t. This was me when I recently planned out all of our curriculum for the year. We had a really interesting year last year so we will be schooling through the summer and all through next year as well and have recently started our new materials.

I had it all perfectly planned out. Pilot had his work, Sketch had his, Bones and Walter would be working together on certain things and then independently on other things. Echo would listen in on whatever he wanted while Banshee and Red did their own things (namely nap) during our lessons. My plan was flawless  destined to fail. For you see, there is only one of me, and there are SEVEN of them! Seven! That means I am grossly outnumbered every single day by little tiny people of all different sizes and developmental stages who need my help…some of them constantly.

The way I had my day planned nothing was every going to get done except for maybe school…and that was a big maybe as there was a lot of different topics to cover with each of the four boys each day. So, without much thought, we took another week off and I mentally planned out what I wanted to do and then I sat and tediously wrote out what I wanted to do with them. Now, even though there was a major change of plans for us, it all makes sense. We are doing more of a unit study approach where Pilot, Sketch and Bones are all going over the same materials but they do so at their own levels. For example: I may read the same book to all of them together but then Pilot has to go write a one page paper about it, Sketch may have to write a paragraph and draw a picture, and Bones might just have to tell me about it or draw a picture of his favorite part of the book. It varies. Pilot still works on subjects that his younger brothers are not having to do yet as he is a fifth grader versus a third or first grader but I am only reading one history reading instead of three or four! This makes for a much happier Mama and surprisingly my boys have loved this switch up. They tend to feed off of each other. Recently we were reading about the San Francisco Bay Bridge and a question asked by Sketch led to both Bones and Pilot asking their own questions or simply commenting on Sketch’s question….something that would not have been possible or even thought of it we had not all been working together. I also love that it gives us almost a discussion forum feel to learning.

Now, I am not saying that this is how we will always educate our boys…but for now, for this year, for where we are currently are in our lives…this is what is working and it is working well. If we see a problem in it down the line we will definitely alter it to fit our needs… but for now this is wonderful!

So, how do you do it? Do all of your children work completely independent of each other? Are some subjects group subjects? Are all subjects group subjects?

One thought on “Plot Twist

  1. We do science, history, art and latin together. I am trying our Bravewriter for writing which is also together. For us only math and grammar are separate. Soon my oldest will move up to Middle School science but I haven’t quite worked out how that is going to work yet…

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