Homeschooling Misconceptions

Okay, so we have all heard things about homeschoolers/homeschooling that may not be true and some things that are so off the wall insane that it makes one wonder where in the world people get their reading material. That being said, here is a list of some funny, and others not so much so, misconceptions about homeschoolers as a whole.

– ALL homeschoolers are isolated from the world.
– ALL homeschoolers are anti-social and socially awkward therefore they have no friends (especially since we already know that they are isolated from the world).
– ALL homeschoolers believe that Disney is equivalent to the devil.
– ALL homeschoolers play video games rather than do their lessons.
– ALL homeschoolers are super genius and therefore have no time to play.
– ALL homeschoolers have big families.
-ALL homeschooling parents are so calm, quiet and patient…especially after explaining the same math lesson ten times before breakfast.

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